Throughout your life how often do you think you might come into contact or are discussed by the establishment's masonic hierarchy? Most victims prior to the internet were not aware how a sinister secretive network of spies , just like the Gestapo, are monitoring us all from cradle to grave.

Why would such a group be interested in 'little old me' many might ask? There are a few reasons why you may become of interest to the ruling mafia .

1. You are bright , articulate and an achiever and able to create your own wealth which ultimately will give you power over your life and if you do not fall within their ranks you become a threat. Only those indoctrinated by satanic rituals and can be easily blackmailed are allowed to progress , both financially and into positions of power, and that is dependent on the degree of loyalty you show to those higher up the establishment tree who have stealthily created this modern version of slavery. The British monarchy throughout history and more recently with the Queen, as head of the masonic mafia who have evil tentacles right across the globe , does not want anyone anywhere in a powerful position that might rock her uber wealthy boat .

2. Most of us rely on banks and are indoctrinated into believing that our lives cannot be complete without a bank account , one reason why most people were forced into having their salaries paid into masonic controlled banks many years ago. You are drawn into becoming part of their enslavement when you rely on their financial institution's to purchase the basic necessities of life. This immediately allows them to follow your spending rituals and spies at all levels in the banking system are watching where your wealth is being spent or accumulated. If you suddenly become flush from an inheritance or win the lottery their spies will alert the hierarchy ensuring you become a target at some future point. A Scotsman who won over £8,000,000 in a lottery has now been bankrupted by those who ensured his investments failed when he naively believed many who work within the financial markets are trustworthy when they are in fact part of the long arm of the masonic mafia. Bankruptcies are instigated by masons to ensure maximum benefit derives from victims of their scandalous abuse of courts and laws that they manipulate for their own enrichment

3. Most of your life you may never see the inside of their dens of iniquity, the court structure where most of their power ultimately lies. These bastards are patient, they try not to attack you when you are young as you have few assets for them to steal while you progress through whatever career path you take. The more professional you are the higher up the pecking order you go in relation to your worth. Their priority is to maximise that worth prior to stealing your life's work and most non-mason men, even despite years of exposure, are still unaware of how civil actions and divorce give masons absolute control of your wealth and children using laws written by their judicial hierarchy , rubber stamped by masonic politicians and decisions made, NOT BY JURIES , but by the judicial thugs who by the day make these same laws up as they go along and only for the benefit of all those who eat out of the masonic trough.

4. There are many unfortunate souls who decided to fight these injustices , persecution and harassment only to find they end up in the many psychiatric gulags being used to stifle dissent . For anyone who doubts this is possible, here is a short test to prove the point. Try protesting outside Buckingham Palace or at UGLE the United Grand Lodge of England at Great Queen Street in London . See how long it takes for their masonic cop thugs to throw you into the back of wagon and take you away under the Mental Health Act to one of their psychiatric gulags were masonic psychiatrists will inject you with anti-psychotic drugs that will fry your brain cells. How do we know? We have friends and fellow activists who we watched having their personna destroyed by how these evil bastards operate their dissident destruction centres.

5.We can no longer tolerate a sinister network of power that is being protected by the many arms of the media mafia who continually fail to pinpoint the reasons for the horrific injustice being meted out to their victims on a daily basis that is a multi-billion dollar racket and a means for them to print their own money. We are in effect an enormous cash cow for the masonic network to leech from in the many ways they manipulate the laws to their enormous advantage and how inequality , slavery and the advance of the ruling elite has vastly profited from their esoteric scams and the dimwitted blackmailed goons who do the dirty work for them.



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